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Account Billing Logs

Last Updated: May 04, 2017 03:28PM EDT

You can use your account logs to see the exact charges that are being applied against your available balance every day. Every call, text, phone number renewal, plan subscription fee renewal, and any other add-on service will be reflected in these logs.

You can find these logs by going to Settings Billing Settings, then click or scroll down to the Account Log section. 

For more of an overview, we recommend looking at the Account Usage report to view charges by day and phone number. Agencies can use the Agency Usage report (found within the reports menu for agency admin users of plans with subaccounts) to see charges across all of their subaccounts. 

Account Log Details

  • Date: the timestamp for the charge
  • Type: the type of transaction in the account (Payment applies to nearly all charge types)
  • Amount: the amount that was charged
  • Description: details for the exact activity that caused the charge (including minutes used, plan renewal, etc.)
You can use the search box and date range selector to adjust your view of the account logs.

Agency Log Details

Agency billing logs include all of the same information as account logs, including the following:
  • Starting Balance: the balance in the account before the transaction 
  • Resulting Balance: the balance remaining in the account after the transaction completed
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