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Access Control Rules

Last Updated: Dec 30, 2015 11:49AM EST

Access control groups are a great way to customize the level of access your users have within your account.  You can use them to limit which numbers are visible for a particular user, and you can even use it to hide information in the call log as needed.  Access Controls apply ONLY to Call Agents, Call Managers, and Report Managers.  Account visibility cannot be restricted for Administrators (who can view all information on the account). 

You can find Access Controls in the Account Users page in the Settings Menu.  In the upper right hand corner of that page, you will see the purple "Access Controls" button.

From there you will see any access control groups you've already made, and you can click on the "new access control group" to create a new group. 

In the example above, you can see we have an access control group for John's calls. To make edits to that, you would simply click on the pencil icon.

Under Access Control Group is where you would name the group and assign the users to the group. When you click on the text box for users assigned to group, you will see a drop-down of all of the Call Managers and Report Managers on the account.

Under Call Access Rules, you can filter which type of calls the users in the group can see. For the example below, John can only see calls that are associated with the specified receiving number.  You can also restrict access by tracking number or tracking source.  If you create rules for more than one section here (such as a receiving number AND a tracking source), the user would only be able to view calls that match both rules.

Next is the Call Log Column Access field.  This is where you can hide or unhide areas of the call log for this group. As you check or uncheck different options, the demo image will update to show you exactly what the users in the group will be able to see.  In the example below, John cannot see the Caller Edit Actions or the duration of the call, listen to the call recording, or block or exclude calls.  John can see everything else.

After you make the changes, you will save the group and the updates are done right away so the next time that John logs in or refreshes his screen he will only be able to see what we have given him access to.
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