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Receiving Voicemail in CTM

Last Updated: May 03, 2017 01:24PM EDT
You can use CallTrackingMetrics to create various call flows where your callers are presented with options for leaving messages for different groups or people in your office, like a virtual mailbox. This feature allows you to review your voicemails right in the Call Log, through email or text notifications, or from our iPhone/Android apps.  

Click here to follow our built-in guide for voicemail setup.

1) To set this up, go to Numbers 
 Voice Menus

2) Click "New Menu" option in the upper right. 

3) Using the presets dropdown next to the Name field, select the Voicemail option.  

4) To make your voicemail easier to search for in your call log, enter a label in the "Tag this call" field.  This tag will be automatically applied to any call that is routed to your voicemail box, so you can simply search for that tag to pull up those calls.

The Voicemail preset will automatically set up all the options needed to turn the menu into a voicemail box. Once that is done, you can type in what you would like our Speech Engine to read to your callers (or you can upload your own audio if you prefer):

If you scroll further down the page to Menu Options, you'll see that the Voicemail preset has automatically selected a keypress with the action of leave a message and to play a beep. The input handling for the menu will also be automatically set to select the "leave a message" option for the caller.  This means that your caller will not have to make any keypresses to leave a message when they are routed to the menu. Recording is turned on for messages, so if you have call recording turned off for your account you can still get the recording for the voicemail.

You'll notice that you have the option to transcribe your messages, which is helpful if you want to have a transcription of the voice mail sent to you in a notification.

To retrieve your messages, you have a few different options: 

1) Go to the Call Log and listen to your audio playbacks for any calls you missed or review the transcriptions in the Voice Analysis section when expanding your call in the call log by clicking "detail":

If you have automatically tagged the voicemail call using the "Tag this call" option on the menu setup, you can search for the tag you used to pull up your voicemail messages. 

2) You can also set up a notification so that you receive an email or text message each time you receive a voicemail. To create a notification, go to Reporting
 Notifications. Click "Add Notification" button in the upper right. Choose "Email After Call" or "Text Message After Call" in Section 1. You can also choose to receive summaries of emails daily, weekly, etc. instead of having one sent after every call.

In Section 2, designate who you would like to send the Notifications to:

Within Section 3, add a condition so that the notification only gets sent if a call has been tagged by your voicemail menu. 

Your notification email or text message will be sent as soon as the call completes. If you have transcriptions turned on, your transcription will appear right in the email notification so you will know exactly what was said in the voicemail. 

Using this set up, you could have different voicemail boxes and thus different notifications sent for each of the groups or individuals within your organization so they know when a voicemail was left for them. 


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