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Adding a Schedule to a User

Last Updated: Dec 30, 2015 11:18AM EST
If you are using a call queue, you might want to have a schedule set for your agents. This will allow the agent to receive calls during a certain time. If they are not working during that time frame the phone will not ring to them. See this article on how to set up a schedule.

To add a schedule to a user, go to the Settings menu, then go to Account Users. 

In this example we are going to add a schedule to our call agent Fred Woo. Fred is a developer so we will put him on the developer schedule that we created previously. 

As you can see above, Fred Woo is a Call Agent. He has no inbound number assigned, no outbound number assigned, no schedule assigned, and has never logged in. 

As of right now Fred does not have a phone but we do know what schedule he is going to be on, the developers schedule.

When I click Edit, I will be in Fred's user profile. 
 Here we will be looking at the Agent Profile.  This is where you would set the Picture, Receiving number, and Call Schedule.

By default the Call Schedule is set to "Always Available," but we want to change that. Since we have already created the Call Schedule, it will appear in the drop-down menu along with any other schedules we have created. 

If you have not created a schedule you can click the "add new" link in the upper right hand corner to create a new schedule. Instructions on how to create a schedule is here
Then click on "Save Schedule" button. 

Now once we Add a Receiving number to Fred's account he will be able to receive phone calls when his schedule says he is available.
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