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Last Updated: Oct 29, 2015 12:11PM EDT
Often people do not have enough clicks from just one tracking number per social media. For BEST practice we recommend having a tracking number per source so that your information can get a little more granular, however lumping all social media into one source can be done.

You will need to make a custom source. So you will go to Numbers then to Tracking Sources. 

From There you will click on "New Source" in the upper right hand corner.

Next you will type in the name of your custom Source. For this I am calling it Social Media. This way if I have my source announcement whisper on it will say "New call from 'Social Media'" 

Next we will change the Source Type from Off Site to Onsite by toggling the grey button to a green button that says on

Once we have it toggled to the Green "ON" site button you will see Tracking Source Triggers appear at the bottom

In this we will have NOTHING in the landing URL because we want to know anywhere on our page that someone lands from a social media site. 

For Referring URL We will type in the name of the social media followed by a pipe ( | ) 
We already have a quick source set up for many different types of social media, however twitter is linked with a lot of other things such as tweetdeck  and Instead of re-typing everything I am going to use that as the base. 

If you select twitter at the top we will change the Custom Source Setup to also Say twitter, you can change that back to "Social Media" You will also see in the referring url we pre-populate the following||||||\/\/\/.+

After changing the Custom Source Setup back to "Social Media" I am going to scroll the ot end of the referring url textbox and start adding the social media sites followed by |  , so what I am adding will look like the following|||

The whole string in the Referring URL Will be the following:||||||\/\/\/.+||||

As you can see there are NO spaces next to the pipes 

Next we can change the position if we want, Click here to learn about Positions here.

Then click Save Tracking Source

Now this source will be available in any drop down items for where you can pick a source.
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