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Post Call Survey

Last Updated: Sep 10, 2014 05:35PM EDT
At the end of a call if you want to be able to list if a call was converted as a sale or not you will have to use a call queue. 

In the call queue there will be a section called Post Call.

By Default we "Hang up the Agent"

But we can use the drop down to choose from different options

To get a sale amount into your call log select "Prompt the agent to determine if a sale was made"

Then you will want to Save & Activate.

Now after the caller hangs up the Agent will hear "If this call converted press 1 otherwise press 2"

When the Agent presses 1 the Agent will hear "enter the dollar amount of this call followed by the pound or hash sign"

After the agent presses the # sign then the call hangs up.

If the Agent presses 2 then the call hangs up. 

Then in your call log you will see the Name of the agent that got the call the 

In the example above Fred Converted a call for 50 dollars. You can see that in the Score Column.  In the Call Routing You can see that Fred Woo Answered the Phone on his receiving number using the testing postcall call queue.
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