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Account Users

  • Adding a Schedule to a User

    If you are using a call queue, you might want to have a schedule set for your agents. This will allow the agen...

    Dec 30, 2015 11:18AM EST
  • Adding a Receiving Number to a User

    If you are using a call queue you will need a receiving number for any agent that is going to be receiving cal...

    Dec 30, 2015 11:31AM EST
  • Adding Agents to the System

    User Role Type: Agents You can add users to the system with the new "Agent" role type. Agents are able to v...

    Dec 30, 2015 11:31AM EST
  • Access Control Rules

    Access control groups are a great way to customize the level of access your users have within your account. Y...

    Dec 30, 2015 11:49AM EST
  • Account Owner Changes

    The account "Owner" is typically the person who opened the account and they will be marked as the owner in the...

    Nov 14, 2016 02:08PM EST
  • User Roles

    CallTrackingMetrics allows an unlimited amount of account users with flexible user access levels. When you add...

    May 10, 2017 06:09PM EDT
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